Does Mediation Work?

September 5, 2010

For many people, mediation is a much preferred alternative to litigation when seeking to resolve divorce disputes.  Of course, mediation is only effective if the parties, themselves, wish to resolve their conflicts.  Some people are not ready to resolve their conflicts.  Good mediators help them through this stage, but it is not always possible.  Read this article from to help you answer some of the harder divorce mediation questions.


Co-Parenting Post Divorce is Not All Bad

September 5, 2010

This article, by Rosaline Sedacca, says it all with regard to co-parenting after a divorce.  It takes a very grown-up person to co-parent well after an ugly divorce.  None of us are grown-up all the time.  So, do your best to not have an ugly divorce.  You are, after all, stuck with your ex-spouse until the children grow up . . . and beyond.  It’s  not all bad.  Parenting is a huge job and sharing the burdens and joys can be very welcome.  To know someone loves your children as much as you do is a wonderful thing for most people.

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