Big Shot Women Stay Married

Big Shot Women Stay Married: Of the 29 females who have or are holding Fortune 500 CEO positions, 26 married, 1 divorced and 1 single.

2 Responses to Big Shot Women Stay Married

  1. Jeff Hunter says:

    Is this statistic comparable to their male counterparts? Is it significant?

    • Yes. Most big shot execs tend to be married. Women, however, seem to stay married to the same person whereas male big execs are usually married, but not always to their first spouse. It is significant that the Fortune 500 female CEO’s are staying married at a rate far above the 50% (approx) divorce rate in this country because we all need to learn, better, how to stay married. By studying these very smart women’s marriages, we might be able to come up with some clues to help the rest of us stay in our holy matrimonies and avoid the trauma of divorce. Clearly, there is some brand of partnering going on in these power-momma marriages that I, for one, would like to know more about.

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