Cheating Spouse? In Virginia, GPS Evidence Only Available To The Wealthy.

There has been enormous controversy over the past several years about the right of spouses to use GPS evidence in an adultery case.  Just like anything having to do with modern day electronics and digital evidence, the courts are way behind the technology. New Virginia law, effective July 1, 2013, allows GPS tracking device evidence from your alleged cheating spouse’s automobile ONLY if that device was placed there by a registered private investigator.  As you could probably imagine, a good private investigator is very expensive. Good luck, Virginia, on this one.  Sounds like a lot of lobbying went awry. The new Virginia Code Section is §18.2-60.5.  gps
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Posted by Robin Graine, JD, Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator

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One Response to Cheating Spouse? In Virginia, GPS Evidence Only Available To The Wealthy.

  1. alpha1legal says:

    I think most judges in the UK would frown upon this as not many of them are ‘with’ the 21st century yet!

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