Are You Ready to be Vulnerable?

You are now single, or are considering becoming a single person.  At its best, this time of transition is an opportunity for change.  It is a time to become the person you have always wanted to be. Why not?  It makes no sense to get divorced and then be more miserable than you were in your marriage.
Most mental heath experts, psychologists and social workers agree that the single most important factor that supports a happy life is connection to other people.  That does not, necessarily, mean a spouse.  It means people–groups, individuals, friends, family, workmates, neighbors, etc.  Dr. Brené Brown, a social worker of great renown, gives a wonderful TedTalk on this subject.
 Dr. Brown spent many years studying “the happy” and “the unhappy”.  The core difference, she found, was their comfort level with vulnerability.  To be happy is to be comfortable with one’s vulnerability, it seems.  To be vulnerable is to be human.  The more you are comfortable with your humanity, the more people want to be connected to you; and the more you are comfortable being connected with them.
Watch Dr. Brown’s TedTalk below. I hope that it inspires you as it has me.

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