About Robin Graine

Robin Graine, JD was originally certified as a Family Law Mediator in 1994 as one of Chicago’s first court-certified mediators. Robin is also certified as a Mediator by the Virginia Supreme Court, at both the Circuit Court and Juvenile & Domestic Relations level and is a nationally certified Divorce Financial Analyst through the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts. Prior to becoming a divorce and family mediator, Robin spent 5 years as a Divorce Attorney and Guardian Ad Litem (children’s legal advocate) in the Chicago Circuit and Juvenile Court Systems. Her career also includes a 3-year, full-time judicial appointment as a Child Support and Child Abuse Hearing Officer. Since 2009, Robin Graine, JD has owned Graine Mediation, a practice exclusively focused on Divorce and Family Mediation, in Fairfax, Virginia.

Robin Graine, JD’s divorce mediation and litigation practice background includes financially sophisticated cases, military and federal government benefit division and distribution, contested custody issues, upside-down real estate matters, out of state custody arrangements, employee stock option and restricted stock, deferred benefit plans, small business concerns, retirement benefit division, tax issues as they relate to divorce, cases where grounds are at issue (adultery, cruelty, desertion), and cases where clients seek the guidance of a divorce settlement professional to ensure that they have covered all areas necessary and appropriate for their divorce.

Robin Graine, JD is a firm believer that divorce is tough enough without the added stress of litigation. She believes that litigation should be reserved for only those cases where there is a history of domestic violence and/or one or both of the parties refuses to disclose information relating to his or her income and assets. Robin Graine, JD, as a mediator, will ensure that both parties have the information necessary — factually, legally, tax-related, and with regard to the well-being of their children — to make informed and rational decisions related to their settlement.


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